What are you waiting for? What is that thing – that soul aching thing – you are waiting on? Oh, I’m sorry, was there more than one that stood out all at the same time? I’ve got a few things going on all the burners, as well.

There’s so much we can’t control – pretty much all of it, actually. We plan, we strategize, we overanalyze, we think everything over so much we can’t make a solid decision that sticks because we talk our way out of everything.

We long for absolution but can’t grab it. We chase the white rabbit, thinking that we will feel satisfied when we feel like we have managed everything to our liking. Somehow, even after we achieve anything, that satisfaction is but a breath. Then, we move on to the next thing we don’t have under control.

Is it that we hate not having control? Is that why it feels so uncomfortable not to have that which we seek? Or is it the thing? Or is it the knowledge of the thing? Or is it all of it? We probably won’t know the answers to these questions.

What are you waiting for? Now, how are you waiting for it?

Usually, we only have to really wait on things we can’t control and we can’t manage on our own. The small things, most of us don’t sweat. The big things – the things we desperately want and don’t have – we can’t control to our liking.

So what do we do? We all have to wait, no matter how much we hate it. So, how do we wait?

There seems to be a cycle.

1. Try to handle it the best I can.

2. Realize I’m not handling it well (insert some stress)

3. Knock, knock, “Hey, God? Can you please fix this?”

4. Maybe if I just do………

5. Knock, knock, “Hey, God? It’s not better yet I’m afraid of an unfavorable outcome……”

6. Maybe if I just try something else……

7. Knock, knock, “Hey!!! Hey!!!!! This isn’t how I want this! What can I do, where should I go? ” (insert increased mental and physical stress, fear, shame, etc.). 


A better cycle:

1. Recognize the need and the inability to control the situation.

2. Knock, knock, “Hey God, I can’t handle this, but You can. Here are my feelings and my stress and my desired outcome.”

3. Have some faith. Faith is the substance (outcome) of things hoped for (not received yet). Heb.11:1. Believe that you will receive what you are hoping for.

4. Anticipate the resolution while pushing through the hard wait. It’s called a *meantime* because the time waiting is mean.

5. Look for how the hard is making your faith in God working all things for your good, even stronger than before.

6. When the fire is up…..knock, knock, “Hey God, I know You are working this out, I ask for strength and grace while I struggle. Thank you for already holding my victory (He’s not held by time nor space).

7. Ask for wisdom to see if there are any areas we need to fight in the mental and spiritual realm better. 

8. Speak with authority in the name of Jesus over the fear or any evil thing trying to destroy you. Repeat as much as necessary.

9. Speak your faith over the matter aloud.

10. Repeat steps #6 – #9 until victory is achieved. Victory is not always absolute on this side of heaven, but He promises it is going to work out for the good to those who love Him.

 Sometimes we get a fast resolution, sometimes we wait way longer than we’d like. You are not alone in your wait. We all are waiting for our victories.