truth of the week 6: wait and expect

by Catherine King and Jenny Cioto

Psalm 62:5 – My soul will wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him. NKJV

Piggybacking a little off of last week in Psalms, here we find a Psalm of David rooted in confidence in the refuge in God and resolving to wait and expect.

How hard is waiting? We as a society not only do not want to wait on anything – most of the time we really don’t have to. We are 1,000% spoiled rotten when it comes to material things. You want it? Buy it with one click and it’s on your doorstep in days. Hungry? Order online and pick up or even better have it delivered. Fast food – delivered. Good heavens.

When it comes to being patient and waiting for anything else, we seem to have a hard time in the wait. As humans, waiting is the worst. I don’t want to wait to get better, for a light to turn green, wait for a miracle to help me in my circumstances, wait to see my child speak – side note she is 9 – you get the picture. I want what I want NOW.

Specifically, this passage is referring to David’s aggravation at his enemies and his solid belief that God is his strength, defense and salvation. He’s literally waiting on God to rescue him from his enemies in this chapter.

Imagine the wait of having to be rescued from someone who is wanting to harm you. Maybe they already do harm you or you are just living under the fear of harm. Neither one of these situations is fun and no one wants to wait to get out of these scenarios. Maybe you know all too well.

In the heat of this season of wait, David reminds himself why he should be confident. There’s that word again. Confident.

We can most assuredly rest in confidence in our situations in the knowledge that God is the One we can expect to save us in any circumstance. Maybe it won’t be saving out of some circumstances but saving us within them. Maybe His will isn’t to altar the outcome but to refine us by the fire.

For He says in Mark 9:23 – Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.

Do we believe He will rescue and help us? Do we believe he will come through for us just as He did David? How do we wait well?

In the wait we should praise Him. We should thank Him for circumstances only He can rescue us from. We can clean up areas in our lives that He sweetly shines His light on as we beg for wisdom. We should praise Him for giving us such an awesome task as to expect of Creator God. It can be so hard. I know I’ve whispered “thank you for this ___________” while crying.

The word expect has been a word I’ve been hearing a lot lately. As the beginning of a new year is upon us as I write this – and if you’ve seen our videos you know I’m not a huge New Year’s Resolution fan – BUT…..

I was challenged at a church gathering of prayer and worship to think on what I would like to expect to see in this new year. Gracious, that was exactly what I needed to hear the same week I worked on writing this piece! What do I expect?

I had laid out a few expectations that didn’t ask God to do things exactly my way but instead I said to Him, “In Your hands I expect you to do great things ________ and in Your hands I give you my hopes ________, etc.” So I gave God my desires to see this year in any way He sees fit to be for me in those areas. Because I truly believe He is for me and I’m going to believe harder this year than ever. As I wait I will be expecting God infused things to unfold.


Catherine King