James 5:16 – Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. ESV

I’m pretty sure this verse is telling us to spill our dirty beans to our sisters in Christ. I suppose not all of them, but find a choice one or two and lay it on them. I hope my girlfriends know when they confide in me about what’s on their heart, I honestly do pray for them.

It isn’t terribly fun to rat out our own crazy as easy as it is to air our grievances that have been done to us. I certainly am guilty of not bringing up my own faults and misgivings when rehashing whatever wrinkled my panties.

What this verse is saying though is that if I were to do a better job dishing out what I did wrong to my girls, they may have some understanding – as women tend to be understanding– and better be able to pray for me. And in doing so, my fellow sisters in Christ are working out the power of prayer in my life!

In turn, after I would get done verbally unloading my issues, I would then take my girl’s issues on. Or I could be a gem and let her go first, whichever! I suppose it depends on the day!

I know for a fact God knew when He made women, we would love to confide in one another. We are just geared this way. Some women have been hurt and refuse to let anyone in, some have mostly lone wolfed it and have to work hard to spill their beans (ahem, me). Others can overshare while leaving no room for anyone else to speak, eventually leaving them to very few relationships.

We all have areas we can work on being a better sister to our sisters. We have the honor of getting to intercede for those around us and watch God move in their lives.

Are you praying for your friends? Really actually praying for them and not just saying you are going to? Oh – did I step on your toes on that one? I used to say it and not actually do it so I make sure now not to say it unless I know for sure I am going to – even if that means I stop what I’m doing after typing “I will pray for you.”

Are you being vulnerable and introspective enough to dish out your sorrowful mishaps and let your girlfriend know about it with the understanding that they will be accountable to pray for you as you pray for them?

Back at this verse it mentions that in doing this exchange we just spoke about – we will be healed? What is that referring to?

Sin has a way of laying some damage on us – physically, emotionally or spiritually. Sin can wedge itself between people and cause our relationships to be sick. Healing is needed when there are areas of brokenness and sometimes brokenness is a result of sin. Not always, mind you.

Obviously, people get sick and people die and that is not the result of their sin. But a good example of sickness can be anxiety that is the result of some bad choices and consequences that follow. Sickness can be bad blood between believers because of pride and unforgiveness – both of which is sinful.

I’m sure we can all find some sickness even if it’s just within ourselves that could use a good self-examination and confession.

Do you have a good sister friend to help you here? If not, pray for one and watch God move one into your life for you to help, as well. Have one already? Beef up your friendship game and pray your heart out for each other!

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Catherine King