Psalm 100:3 – Know that the Lord, He is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. NKJV

Look at that ownership. We are His. We are the God of the universe’s people – like sheep of God’s pasture. He looks at us as His! Whatever magnificent and awe-inspiring image you can sort of picture as God – recognize what is said here – you are of God.

Sounds important doesn’t it? It should because it is – and you are that important to Him.

This particular Psalms is one of thanksgiving. It’s a popular one amongst Christian music leaders and with good reason. They recognized the greatness of this verse and commanded the world praise God in response. As we should!

The solid, good, faithful, merciful and truthful God that doesn’t change through all generations is more than worthy to be praised! That same God made you!

I like to pretend God has a think tank for creating people. He separates a part of Himself to this work of designing each and every one of us. He carefully chose your eye color, where each hair on your head was placed. He drew your fingertips with His eye and stretched you to the exact height you would be. He took delight in making you different from all the rest, never a duplicate of you even if He made you share a womb with another person or persons. He took just as much time creating you with dispositions and likes and dislikes, giving each one of us gifts and beautiful pieces of Himself. He left room for our humanity and gave space for our own desires He knew would be there so He equipped us for such.

You are a divine creation – made by God and so special to Him. I like to tell my daughter, if you hate parts of who you are you are telling God His hard work creating you wasn’t good. And He is good and can’t be less than that! Yes, I tell myself this still. Pot here is black but I do love myself on a new level thinking like this.

Our response to this? As this psalm says – make a joyful noise to God, praise Him publicly in His courts (church), bless His name, recognize His protection and keeping of you like He’s our shepherd, and thank Him for His unfailing and never-ending love. Have you praised Him lately for just Who He is? Make sure you find out who you are in Him.



Catherine King