Hebrews 12:7 – If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? NKJV

I’m going to be snarky here a minute and say here in the year 2019 I can find some fathers and mothers who do not inflict any kind of punishment on their children. Merely telling them over and over is not sufficient punishment because it’s not working……..

I digress. What is this all about? What does chastening mean? Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary describes this word as inflicting punishment, discipline for education, instruction and training purposes.

Discipline is never pleasant at the time but it does bring about solid positive results IF WE ENDURE IT. Does that mean we don’t have to endure it?

Yes – if you allow yourself to be corrected by God – deal with your consequences to your choices and attitudes – you are allowing yourself to fall under the dynamic of our Father God and we His children. If you don’t endure it you let your life turn into a hateful pity party and stay stuck with a victim mentality. That’s not looking very holy is it? We all have our moments but endure it and stick it out. It will end.

This system shows love and respect. God loves us too much to leave us acting like a bunch of fools acting in un-holiness. And we respect our Father God by obeying and changing our foolish behavior.

Let’s discuss this truth of God as Father. Maybe your heart melts a little here because the love your dad has had for you was amazing. Maybe you cringe at the idea because your earthly father didn’t love you well and now referring to God as Father makes you have a negative feeling.

How you see yourself through God’s eyes has a major impact on how you see yourself and life around you. If you don’t know God’s heart and His character and go find it for yourself, you will be at a serious disservice to your heart. Because whether you believe it or not – if you are a believer you are looked at like a child from your Father God’s eyes.

How do you see your own kids if you have them? Do you not want them to not act like brats? You love them, you really do and when you discipline appropriately, they respect you and change behavior. You discipline them because you love them. Same goes for God and us.

Let your correcting change your behavior so you don’t have to keep getting punished. Realize sometimes your consequences from God aren’t a hate crime He’s committing against you, but a love action to help you be a better you. It hurts most of the time. But suck it up and learn something and do better next time.

When you tell your children you are punishing them for their own good, know God is telling you the same thing as He corrects you. 

Catherine King