Psalm 133:1 – Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! NKJV

Boy if America doesn’t talk about unity and then not do it – and the church body is really no different unless each of our congregations work really hard to be. Even from church to church being unified is a really hard thing to do!

This isn’t an easy task but it’s a great one when we reach it! How much better is a family unit when everyone is in sync and loving each other the way they should? Unity was made to make us stronger together than we are on our own. Unity is a bit of an ask for all of us.

It is a beautiful thing when brothers and sisters in Christ love each other well. Look what we show to those around us! They can see much clearer God’s love when they see us love one another in unity! This works well for us, too, as David describes after our verse two beautiful analogies as to what us being in unity is like. One is like anointing oil running over us (verse 2) and the other is like dew all over mountains (verse 3). This signifies the covering and pleasant blessing being in unity brings (Commentary from The Baker Illustrated Bible).

The word unity in Hebrew describes it as a unit, unitedly, alike at one, together. We enter into a pleasant and good atmosphere when we are united (The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible).

But how do we do this? It requires compromise on everyone’s part and willingness to change some things for the greater good of those around us. Humility seems fitting to be able to love others well and be united in function. If we aren’t humble – being free of arrogance and pride – we aren’t going to flow well with one another.

We all have areas in which we are prideful. We think we know better, we know more – our way is correct and all else is wrong. This never sets well with others. And maybe, just maybe we are in the wrong sometimes. Not me – you maybe – I kid.

Still, some just don’t seem to see their pride and then it gets in the way and it causes division. Especially if where the pride and arrogance is rooted in erroring thoughts and beliefs based in opposition to the character and nature of God and His ways.

We all would do our brothers and sisters a favor by doing a heart check. Maybe when we make changes around us it will have a ripple effect and we can all live together in some pleasant unity! Because it sure doesn’t feel pleasant when we are surrounded by people who aren’t playing well with others!

If we get some more unity in our churches, maybe we can spread it to the rest of America. Change starts with us – God’s church body. We can be the difference.

Catherine King