Truth of the Week 10: In Christ's Strength

by Catherine King and Jenny Cioto

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I’m pretty certain that you have heard this verse 1,000 times even if you have rarely picked up a Bible. This is such a well known and favored verse amongst believers.

Personally I’m glad this verse doesn’t say, “I can do SOME things” or “I can do only a few things and I have to figure out which ones” or “some of you can do all things.”

This is a very encouraging verse that talks a lot about mentality. In the above paragraph of this verse – verses 11-12 – Paul says he has learned to be content in whatever state he was in.

Noticed the word learned. Contentment in need and in suffering is not a natural response but a learned one. A bit of a head game – to make sure you talk yourself out of a terrible headspace when things aren’t going well at all for you.

Have you ever tried to get yourself out of a bad head space apart from asking God for His strength? Oh, just me? Yeah, I failed pretty miserably at different times in my life relying on just myself not even realizing it.

It is terribly easy to be content in good and comfortable and happy situations – not so much when your baby dies, your spouse loses a job, you lose a parent or sibling, a best friend betrays you, a sickness you can’t fix threatens your life or one you love, or in Paul’s case you are beaten severely and imprisoned, go without food, etc.

Paul learned that he could do any given life situation and be content because he learned to draw from strength that wasn’t his own but God’s. Many seasons in life call for greater need. Sometimes by the day, hour or minute.

Praise God we can do that, too! When it’s hard – remind yourself you have a never ending supply of strength found in God. Be gracious to yourself when you forget. Repent and just ask – God loves to give of Himself to us.

Catherine King