It’s a little overdue – my story of my family’s move from south Nashville to south Atlanta. Surely, I knew explaining the why of our move would take a blog post to explain. The answer isn’t as easy as, “My husband’s job moved us.” Nor was it as simple as, “We wanted to be closer to family.” All of those are the main reasons people seem to move, but they weren’t reasons we moved. We were told, “It’s time to go.”

Backing up just a little, my husband and I moved up to Nashville around the time we both graduated from Alabama and were getting married. I fell in love with the area when my parents moved up there after high school and Stephen really seemed to enjoy the area when he would come visit with me. We lived in West Nashville our first year of marriage and then moved to Spring Hill the following year and stayed there for 15 years. Nashville is the most “home” I know, as I’ve moved around a lot in my life and it’s the longest, I have lived anywhere.

I love my Nashville people – I love my people hard.  Nashville is a very special place, always will be. Telling my people we were moving was not easy. Especially when I didn’t have an answer that made much sense to anyone. But that’s what I love about a life with God – it’s never boring – and a lot of times doesn’t make much sense on the front end.

Before The C, I had been bouncing around the idea of going back to work, but not with any clear-cut career to dive back into. I have a very tiny commercial cleaning gig that I could not love more, but that wasn’t really a career path for me. I’d say around November/December 2019 I started job searching but mainly jobs I could work remotely on – with a home base in my favorite state Colorado. I figured, if I had to go to work meetings and trainings I could travel for work to my happy place. Makes sense.

Nothing was sticking. I kept getting shut doors but that’s how job searches go so I rolled with the punches. Never was I necessarily intending or thinking we’d actually move out there (even though deep down if I could just make decisions purely on my desires that’s what we would have done) but I thought I’d try to see if something might work.

Then The C hit. Stephen’s company went fully remote and they all functioned beautifully that way. No real need to be in the same place as long as everyone can communicate well, right?  I started homeschooling my girls and they really took to it pretty well. I sort of put a hold on the job searching.

Unbeknownst to me, Stephen on his walks with our big puppy had been noticing the For Sale signs all around our neighborhood. They have always been around the neighborhood (over 400 homes) but he was noticing them and kept it on his radar to see how The Holy Spirit would lead him.

Again, we started to be open to the moving idea but not in a real way to this point. Then, over a beautiful morning on our back patio, drinking coffee before the girls woke up, it hit me. I look over to Stephen and say, “It’s time to go.” He looked at me and said, “Yes, we need to move.”

Next came the question – where? As we both determine neither one of us had that answer we started to discuss the where. So settled were we that we were to move, we tell our daughters we are going to move but we don’t know where yet. Ainsley – our eldest – said, “We are moving to Georgia.” Stephen and I had privately discussed where we were being led to look and it boiled down to Colorado – because I wasn’t ready to give up that idea yet – and most of the southeast. My response to her surety, “We will take that under advisement, thank you for your input.”

Less than a week after deciding we needed to move, we put the house on the market, no clear landing spot. I freakin’ love this kind of thing. I had secretly always wanted to put a home on the market and have no idea where we were going. I never imagined Stephen would be led in this way (and it wasn’t by me, didn’t ever bother to mention it!).

The weird part for all our loves we had to tell this to was knowing we did not have a clear answer other than, “The Holy Spirit is leading us to do this.” Now, some of our brothers and sisters in Christ might be able to make head and tails of that, but many others certainly looked at us like we were nuts. Understandably so.

Funny enough, no matter what state we looked at on google maps, we kept being drawn to Georgia. Maybe Ainsley was prophetic after all on the move.

Even with all the weirdness of The C we showed our home. And we kept checking areas out around the city of Atlanta. As soon as quarantine travel ban lifted, we were on the road checking out all the towns we were interested in visiting around Atlanta. We opened up hotels and bed and breakfasts and spent money in little towns and their small businesses.

We boiled it down to 2 areas of interest for truly looking at homes – Rome, Georgia and South Metro Atlanta. The time we spent in Rome looking at homes and just adventuring around is its own story but God made it clear as we left for the second leg of our home searching journey that Rome was not our town.

Finally, we settle on South Metro and oh, sell the house by this point. We didn’t have a home but we sold ours. Now we have no idea what town we are going to live in and in the meantime much less what house we will be moving in when we do get a move in date.

Here’s a fun piece of this move – as we keep looking for a home and put no efforts at all into where our temporary housing will be, Stephen’s co-worker of times past heard about our moving to Georgia. He reached out to Stephen and said, “Hey man, my parents have a house in Jekyll island and they are happy to let you stay there as long as you need. Oh, and they have a big dog crate for your Rottweiler and a screened in porch for your rabbits.”

I mean, what?!?! We have never met his parents before – ever – and here their sweet son asked on our behalf and they all said yes. Baylor’s favorite place is the beach and boy had quarantine, no school and moving stressed her out a bit. This was such a gift to not only our family as a whole to house us, but for Baylor specifically to have such a wonderful time in her happy place.

Our house sold and we moved to Jekyll Island for a few weeks. We then moved into our new to us home and unpacked. Here we are 8 months later.

When asked why we moved here by all of locals, we still have a hard time explaining why we came here. We don’t have family close by, we didn’t move for a job, and we still don’t know why we are here. We have noticed some things God has opened doors for us. Work for me – I’m loving working with flowers, a fabulous program for Ainsley to do tutorial with and play tennis for, as well as her first job at a local pizza shop. Baylor is close to being off an ABA therapy waitlist (which we couldn’t have in TN), and we are part of a church that we are loving very much. Stephen is still with his work family from Nashville and doing well.

Our story is still unfolding, and we may never know exactly why God moved us here. But that’s ok. He said it was time to go so we got up and went.

Do you have any fun moving stories? If so, drop in the comments below!