President and Founder of Epic Girl, Stacia Freeman is a self admitted boujie white girl, who has had profound turns in her journey that led her to impact the lives of young women in Nashville, Tennessee! Her testimony is so honest and real and her work is nothing short of extraordinary! Listen in on her beautiful words in this fantastic podcast!

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Thoughts On Starting EPIC Girl – 8/3/17

A lot of people have asked me over the past two years why I decided to start EPIC Girl. I could give a long, drawn out answer, and some times I do (let’s be honest- short answers aren’t my forte). But if I had to narrow it down, I would say this:

I’ve always understood that it can be harder for women to do things. Career things. In life, we are often told “girls don’t do that” or “that’s not a job suited for a woman”. And then even after we leap obstacles and persevere through the task of balancing of family and career, we are told things like “you only got this because you’re pretty” or “maybe you should just observe”. We are punished for speaking our minds, chastised for having opinions, and called pushy, aggressive and difficult.

So I started EPIC Girl because I saw girls like me who had dreams and just needed help realizing them. These girls had an unfair disadvantage because of the hand they were dealt. And yet, they still had this glint in their eyes that said “I want more”. I just couldn’t stand the thought of them floundering, trying to find their way amidst all the messages saying we can’t have it all or we’re not worthy or good enough. So I thought “hmmm… What if a lot of strong, empowered, sometimes pushy, complex and beautiful women got together and said to the younger women “you’ve got this”? That would be EPIC!! We should start that and change the world and inspire each other to go for it.” And so we did. We started EPIC Girl and we are strong, and beautiful, opinionated and EPIC.

Ps: If you’re an EPIC lady and you want support EG go visit our friends at Goodwin and purchase their good woman tee. A percentage is given to EG to support our quest to build strong women.

Xx Stacia

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