Pointing Fingers

It’s so easy to point fingers, isn’t it?? My kids seem to have come by it so quickly. As I lecture them about that timeless defense, “What he did was way worse than what I did!” I felt a twinge in my own heart. 

How many times have I used this excuse? With not only my own parents as a child, but as an adult with my Lord! 

I picture God looking at me lovingly, saying, “Now Jenny, let us take a step back for a second.”

See, my kids use it in small things, child mistake type things. For example, “I forgot to water the dogs, but look, HE broke your favorite mug!” Neither is ok or suitable. One child is trying to make themselves look better than the other. 

Well, I’m guilty of it too. I have said to the Lord, “Look, I know I’m not perfect, but at least I didn’t do random sin here .”

Then in my bible study as I see the sinners God used, and I think, “I would never be like that.” I’m instantly convicted that I have been every bit the same sinner. 

I read about the ups and downs of the Israelites; I think, “How could they forget God freed them from slavery? They know God’s promises” Then I’m immediately humbled – I am exactly like that. 

I have felt Gods Goodness.

I have felt God’s goodness. He has blessed me more than I could have imagined. Still, I cry out. I want God to make things perfect for my family. It is not supposed to be perfect here on earth. We will see struggles, and we will feel brokenness. Partly I think the struggles bring us closer to the Lord. The struggles remind us that this is not heaven.  

Sometimes the blessing is in the broken pieces of what we perceive as unanswered prayers. 

Sometimes that challenge of a friend or spouse is the kick in the pants God uses to get us to where we need to be. 

So maybe instead of pointing fingers or looking at someone else’s social media feed wishing, we were them, we should pause. 

We need to recognize the beauty in our own stories. 

Stop trying to say someone is better or worse than yourself. 

Stop comparing. We are each on a very separate journey. We will never fully understand what’s going on in someones else’s story. 

Stop pressuring people to believe and do exactly like you. God gave us each a unique and beautiful story. We each have different heath, different convictions, different hurts, different successes. 

The world should know we are Christians by our Love. That means loving people’s successes and loving them through their tough spots. Don’t walk away from either. Press in. 

If we aren’t busy pointing the fingers at each other, saying who’s better or worse, maybe we can extend a helping hand or clap at an accomplishment. 

Stop peer pressuring as adults. 

Love is not tearing someone down for their politics.

Love is not criticizing the unvaccinated or vaccinated. 

Love is not tearing down someone’s masculinity or femininity.

Love is asking someone in private if they are ok. 

Love is sending a note to some that has been quarantined and doesn’t know how to step back into the public. 

Love is listening, not just talking. 

Love is hanging out with someone that may be rough around the edges because you might be their only Christian friend. 

Love is not joining in something that we aren’t supposed to be doing. Love is picking them up and offering a ride home. 


They should know we are Christians by our Love. 

With Joy and Love,

Jenny Cioto

Pursuing true North