When Kelly Putty, Founder of Ordinary Hero, first turned her gaze to Ethiopia, it was to adopt her son. But when she got there and saw the precious faces of the orphaned children left behind at her son’s orphanage, she knew she had to do more. This eye-opening trip led to the eventual launch of Ordinary Hero. Kelly and her husband, Shane Putty, co-founder of Ordinary Hero, reside in Brentwood, Tennessee with their nine children, five biological and four from Ethiopia. They continue to strive passionately toward helping children in need.

Before Ordinary Hero, Kelly had a very traumatic experience that turned her life around and changed her in profound ways – a true rescue story!  Listen in on this amazing story of good overcoming evil and a beautiful soul who just keeps saying “yes” to the Holy Spirit! He does amazing things through those who will allow Him to lead them.

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