Honestly, I never believed I would be writing this. I desired to have this to write, but never imagined I would. Anything is possible. All things are possible. God is Redeemer, God is the Great I Am, God is Peace, God is Salvation, God is Healer, God is Restorer. I’ve known these truths, and I have experienced these in other areas of my life – but I haven’t known it in this physical part of my life to the fullest…….until April.

If you haven’t read my blog post, Thorn in My Side, I would ask that you read this here – before you continue on this one. I promise it will be worth it.

For those of you who have read the post above I will continue my story. If you haven’t – go do it!

As you know, chronic lower back pain and the degenerative nature of my physical ailments have led me down many paths for maintenance. Many people with chronic degenerative diagnoses just figure out how to manage as their conditions progressively get worse with no actual abilities to fix it. So basically, pain management and a slow walk to disability.

I had been managing my pain these past two years with exercise and medicinal CBD. It honestly helped tremendously but the back conditions still remained (degenerative disk disease, spondylosis). Knowing my conditions only get worse,  I was managing the pain but the worsening of it had me decide to go take a look and see how bad my condition currently was.

I hadn’t seen a doctor for my back since we were in Tennessee, other than the one who helped me get a low dose CBD/THC prescription.

So off I go, in some considerable pain since a trip I took and messed up my back from walking up the side of a hill (granted it was straight up and down with tons of stairs, making me feel super old by the level of pain it put me in).

I wondered to myself, “How bad is my back, since I’ve been covering up the pain? How close am I to being disabled?” I’ve been working on my feet as a floral designer the last two years and it has been very difficult given my pain. I questioned how long I could do my work and I was really only able to manage it part time at best. Definitely looking like strong qualifications for disability.

Off I go to GA Bone & Joint, the very similar group to my TN Bone & Joint, who took one look at my MRI 5 years ago and said, “I won’t touch you. Your MRI scans have worsened in a 6-month time frame and I suggest you go get new discs for your back in Houston, TX.” Which I didn’t do – that was a scary suggestion I wasn’t ready for.

I go in to this new set of doctors like, “Hey, can I just get a new scan? I’ve got a history and need some new in-state doctors.” Of course, they said yes and off I went.

This would be my 4th MRI so I knew what to do. I closed my eyes after climbing on the table, took a bunch of deep breaths by inhaling and exhaling slowly. You don’t open them ever at all when doing an MRI. Just keep them closed and focus on praying.

As I lay there in this cold, loud MRI machine, all of the sudden I feel a full vibration in my chest. It literally felt as though my heart were vibrating. My first thought/prayer was, “God, am I going to have my heart explode in an MRI machine? Is this how I die?” Mind you I was pretty calm about it because – death? Yeah, I’m ok with the actual fact I will die someday and I will open my eyes in my Father’s light. Where is the fear in death for those whose hope is in their Savior and heaven?

As my heart was still vibrating, it started to send powerful energy through my limbs – all the way to my fingertips and toes –  from the starting point of my heart.

Woah. “What is happening?”

Finally, the weird vibrations and powerful flow of energy stop and the machine continues and I come upon the conclusion I’m not exploding or dying in this moment. I did laugh a little but tried to stay still in that thing.

Only a few more minutes of my time in there and I scooted back down the machine the same way I went in.

I don’t mention it to the guy operating the machine, because, well, I’m used to weird experiences being my own and not something that is likely a typical issue.

As I get up off the table, I notice it didn’t hurt. Hmm. Well, okay. Home, I go.

That night, as I slinked into bed, I noticed I still didn’t have pain. I mention it to Stephen. We both were just – well, okay, strange.

The next week or two goes by while I wait for my follow up appointment to go over my scan.

During these two weeks I recognize I have no pain. How do you not recognize the lack of pain when it’s almost all you’ve ever known? Is this a dream? Like, it’s gone. I’m not going to lie, I felt like this was some kind of reprieve from the pain, truly a little scared to think it’s gone. I had a lot of years of pain going into that machine, and none since coming out.

Rewind the clock to January of this year.

As I started this new year, I decided to read the entire Old Testament and chose a new translation (KJV) just for the challenge and intrigue of it.

Once I dropped my oldest off for a lab in an adjacent town, I treated myself to some coffee and breakfast at this little spot close by while I waited. I brought my Bible in and was doing my chapters in my reading plan for the day.

The morning sunlight was a golden hue shining directly in on my table in the nook of the restaurant. As I read Genesis 41:13, the words “me he restored” rose up off the page. Naturally I stopped reading and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit with me, touching my spirit in a beautiful way. So I ask in an expectant and excited way, “Are you going to restore something to me?” My answer was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in me.

This was not only exciting, but an opportunity for me to have a surprise from God!

One really cool thing God has shown me over years of heartbreak and trials, is that when He comes through – in His timing not mine – He does it in new and exciting ways. God is not at all boring!

I hold this sweet promise close to my heart, with excited expectation of what He’s going to do.

Fast forward to the appointment day.

I go in with zero pain, right? Well, of course I’m in there thinking this may be a reprieve from pain but I still may be structurally off regardless.

I get in to see this new doctor, and he takes a quick look at me and then shows my my scan.

“Well, I honestly don’t understand why you are in here. I was able to get the notes from TN Bone & Joint but not your scans. They tell you to go get new discs but I don’t know why. Your current scan shows absolutely no degenerative disk disease or narrowing of your spinal column (spondylosis).”

I respond, “Is that really my scan?”

I was as dumbfounded as he was. I’m sure he though I was insane, but whatever.

He tells me I could do PT and I was, “Sure that’s fine to put the order in, but I’m good.”

I walk out and call Stephen. He asks, “Did they have the right scan?” I was all, “That’s what I checked – to see if my name was on that report. It matches how I feel. Could I be healed?”

That evening, I was walking into one of our church members driveway to meet for our ladies group and I asked in my heart again, “God, did you heal me?”

The response was a quiet whisper, “I told you I would restore.”

That day of the scan was April 11, 2022. I have had no back pain since. I struggled for 22 years with back pain. Some years where I couldn’t walk, drive or stand up straight. Look what Jesus Christ did to make a way for me to the Father! I was whispered a promise – and I have had a major surprise miracle!

Without the blood of Jesus, allowing me access to God through Him, I couldn’t have this kind of close walk with the God of the Universe or have the Helper, the Holy Spirit!

Listen, if God would do this for me, all my testimonies of my Father coming through to heal and deliver me over and over – He will show His love to you, too. You need only to believe on Him always. Let Him surprise you with His love as you lean on Him and trust Him in ALL things!