Of course, we were made to do hard things. We have been challenged on every level since the beginning of time. Learning to walk, learning language, following schedules and learning to obey instead of just live on impulse, to name a few. These are just a few examples of early challenges. As we grow these challenges get harder – where to work, who to marry, have children naturally or adopt, where to send them to school, etc. Truly, we must have been made to do hard things. Otherwise, why would we constantly find ourselves having to do hard things?

Obviously, I will not bore us with the droning on of menial challenges but challenges that are pivotal points in our journeys are worth talking about.
Caring for loved ones, making decisions that affect more than just ourselves (which, seriously, when do decisions ever just affect one person?), losing people we love, losing jobs, changing careers, changing your kids schools, moving out of state, and oh, trusting the outcome of all the things. I missed a few big ones, I’m sure, but you get the idea. We are constantly thrust into a new normal – a new hard – a new challenge.

I feel like humans like and thrive on the constant. We desire to be stable and feel comfortable.

Being comfortable may be the most dangerous place to be.

We were made to do hard things and if we are too comfortable, we aren’t growing and if we aren’t growing can we stay in the neutral? Absolutely not – life, time and everything in between is always moving. So which direction are we going in?

I feel like the moment I feel stagnant, comfortable and content – I get a new nudge. It isn’t always a huge change, most of the time it’s on the smaller scale but a new challenge nonetheless. A sweet, tender whispers that make me start to investigate what is stirring inside me. Sometimes my comfortable gets violently disrupted and I have wondered how a life nightmare has happened upon me. Those hard things are inevitable, though.

Change is such a concept that we should expect, so why does it take us off-guard so often? Looking back on my last tons of decades, I see the amount of constant change to be astronomical. I suppose maybe, as much as we hate change, we really need it. Change will make or break our spirit and our growth as a soul largely depends on it.

God knew how we would desire the constant so we could manage the inconstant – it was all part of Him expressing to us who He is so we could cling to His constant character in this crazy world.

What grounds me and centers me and brings me peace is focusing my mind’s attention, not on my new challenge or hard thing, but on God and His character.

When we know God’s character – which is different than Him having changing emotions – we can feel confident in coming to Him.

I love to read C.S. Lewis and A.W. Tozer and the one by Tozer I’m reading now is called “The Knowledge of the Holy.” One thing that stood out to me was that when we discuss who God is, we aren’t defining His emotions or feelings, we are defining pillars that make Him God. It is completely different than humans. These pillars don’t sway or change depending on how we are. We change, He does not. I find so much solace in that.

I can feel one way one day, or on a hot crazy day I can feel tons of ways. What I can’t claim is that every single time you talk to me, text me, see me or think about me, I will be the exact same human receiving you! But God. He doesn’t change from one day to the next much less ever.

God doesn’t have a bad day like we do.

Perhaps God beautifully designed our abilities to understand His constant nature (to the extent that we can), so we could rise above our circumstances and go to Him to get our needs met.

We can rely on no one or nothing else in this world to give us that kind of constant. The knowing that He is good and He is God and He is all the things He claims to be – we can trust Him with all our hard things.

While we wrestle with these hard things in life – when we get turned over and the wave of uncertainty approaches our land, we know He isn’t changing. That will hold anyone together who allows it to be truth. It is truth anyway, but believing makes all the difference.

It doesn’t take much to see that all of those around us, including us, are dealing with new challenges and new hard things.  We either choose, or most likely they were chosen for us by the cards life has been allowed for us. Either way, we are all dealing with hard things. We need to look inward and then upward. We clearly were made to do hard things because they are ever present. We get to decide whether we will fight and figure it out, deal with it and move along, or we can choose to let it define us and hold us hostage as we never move out of it or past it.

These choices are ours but we will never be at a loss of hard things to handle.

Making excuses and staying in the hard is the opposite of growing and accepting the hard we are given. We don’t have to love the hard, or even like it a little bit. I promise I might have chosen some other hard things besides the ones I have been dealt, but I refuse to let them define me.

Perhaps we were given so many hard things so we would have no other choice but come to God and let Him show off in our lives. Maybe we would be a ridiculously ignorant/arrogant/entitled child if we had it easy our whole lives. What is clear is that even if we don’t want to, we were made to do hard things.

That old comment, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” Yeah, that may be the most ignorant statement ever. God absolutely allows us more than we can handle. That’s where He has meticulously devised His interventions in our lives if we would merely come to Him with a raw spirit and a hearty expectation from the God who is love and for us. We were made to do hard things. 

C. King