“It is finished” John 19:30
Heading into the biggest weekend of the year.
It’s a lot of pressure being the one tasked with writing to y’all today as we head into the Holy Week.

Though there is more hype around Christmas, this weekend is when Jesus Christ, that sweet baby in a manger, grew up and chose to die on a cross and save all our souls.

Can you stop for a moment a fathom that?

Please make no mistake; I am not underplaying Christmas. Easter, though, has so much more weight on the whole purpose as to why Jesus came to this earth. He took on all the sins that we people have committed. He died, and then He rose again so that we could be forgiven.

We are Forgiven!

There is so much that Jesus did for us this Holy Week. My mind wants to explode when I think about this week and the weight of all of it. If you haven’t read the events of this week and you are thinking, “Is this woman mad? What is she talking about?” just read the Gospel of John – The whole thing is excellent. It starts heating up around Ch 12 through the resurrection in Ch 20. So much happened around the events that lead to this side of the cross.

Jesus’s burden wasn’t light. Saving the world wasn’t an easy party. He was alone, taking the pain and weight for all of His people who He Loves.

So this week’s blog is going to be short. Not for the reason that I don’t want to write, girl you know I can talk, mostly I can’t write about how Jesus saved the world better than how the bible recorded the fact. Please, I urge you to read for the first time or the hundredth – reread the path Jesus took.

I pray that each of you knows Jesus and feel His love this weekend as you break bread with your family; remember that Jesus paid it all and all to Him I owe.

Blessings to you,

Jenny Cioto with Pursuing true North