Homemakers and Jesus. Can those two things even be in the same sentence? Well yes, because I just put them together, but where do you think homemakers fall on God’s scale?

 I have read loads of posts trying to justify homemakers and people making fun of homemakers. Saying things like, “What must they do all day?” and the age-old statement, “Do you just stay home and watch TV and eat bonbons all day?”

It seems that many homemakers both feel they have the need and are asked to justify themselves daily.


Why is that do you think?

Why this insecurity?


I think it’s a combination of things. 

One, the work is never done, so if you are a checklist person, you might as well put that to-do list on repeat. 

Two, it is not exciting, but it is essential.

Three, the pay is not monetary, it’s eternal, and we are a society of instant gratification. 


I wear many different hats. Just on one particular day of being a homemaker, I went from waking up before dawn to get in my writing and devotional time, to diapers, then cleaning, sanding down the front door, painting areas of the house that needed a yearly touch up because I have loads of dirty hands in my house. There is never a dull moment, and rarely is there nothing to do. 


Keeping up with TV shows never happens because, as a homemaker and mom, my job is never done. Are there homemakers not taking care of their houses, yes, of course. Probably not most, though. Hospitality is vital throughout the bible. It is an important job. Take it seriously. Think of all the homes Jesus visited. Think of how fellowship and friendship are formed. The real connections are typically in homes at life groups and bible studies, not necessarily at the church building. 


Does that mean everything needs to be thoroughly picked up at every second? No, when you have little children, the situation is always fluid. It is essential to teach children from a young age how to take care of their things and pick them up. 


There are days that I have to work outside of the home. The only thing that changes is my timeline. I am still responsible for all of the things in my home. This is the home my husband and I created. The timing looks different, but my husband and my responsibilities are still the same. 


Throughout all of my housework, Jesus is right where I am. 

Jesus comes close to me in those precious moments of scrubbing the sink. They are not precious because I’m cleaning. They are valuable because, as I’m cleaning, I’m praying. I’m praying for God to use me, where ever He wants me. Wherever He put me, I’m doing it with and for the Lord. 

Men in the bible traveled up mountains and built alters to praise and talk to God. A woman was doing her chore of getting water from a well, and Jesus came and spoke to her right where she was. In Genesis, Abraham ran out to meet God, ran around getting everything, and Sarah was to make bread in the tent, and got to hear every word of God. 

Know that whatever you are doing, God is with you.


My tips and tricks for any wife or mom are this:


1- Have a simple routine. If you are a mom, it is crucial to get up before the kids. Prepare for the day. Homemaking is your job; take responsibility. Don’t make excuses for whether you are a morning or night person. You have to do the same thing every morning. Make a routine and stick to it. 


2- Every day have a checklist of three things that need to be done and do them. I am not talking about making breakfast. These three things are things done, either weekly or monthly, like cleaning the bathroom. Make an actionable checklist of three things you can do each day and do them. You will start building tremendous confidence and feeling more accomplished.


3- Make a night routine and check-in with your spouse if there is something they feel needs to be done the following day.  It’s a great way to make the next morning better when you are preparing for it. Also, if you live with a spouse, it shows a considerable amount of love and respect for the person if you just check-in with them. I’m not a mind reader, so I ask my spouse if he needs something like dry cleaning. It’s never something too big, but it shows him that I care. 

With Joy!


Catherine & Jenny with Pursuing true North