Hi friends! Thank you for joining Jenny and I on our podcast! We want to extend our welcome to seasoned Christians, newbie Christians and those of you searching for truth. When you seek truth, and seek it in Jesus, He will reveal Himself to you. That’s just part of His amazing character and we are going to dive in to learning more about our God – which will provide us with a stronger faith to live out on a daily basis. Everyday life submerged into walking with Jesus by your side changes your outlook on life and strengthens you from the inside out.

In this podcast we will be covering many topics about life and the God we serve – our True North. Hence the name, Pursuing True North. We are on a journey – one that we don’t finish until we cross over into the next life. Perfection and totality of knowledge is not something we acquire until we are complete in Christ when we see Him face to face. So in the mean time, through life’s challenges and wonderful joys, we will find every way possible to work out our faith.

We will be covering everything from the character of God, His promises for those of us who believe, topics you all write in and ask us to talk about and so much more. We want to encourage you, offer support and help you go through challenges with hope and resolve.

So why Jenny and I?


Hi Everyone! So I was raised in the church, when I say in the church I mean like most of my childhood memories are in the building or getting ready to go to the church building. My mom has been doing music for the church since I don’t remember when but she’s been working for the church for the last 30 years at least. And My Dad well his the oldest son of a preacher so it’s just a normal thing for my family to be at the church more days of the week than not. With that being said, I always knew God existed, I felt God at times but I wasn’t always sure He loved me or that I deserved to be loved. I had no real relationship with Him when I was little. I looked at God as a disciplinarian. Well as a teenager I fell into a hormonal nightmare of depression. I will unfold that later, but one night as I prayed for God to put my out of my misery and take my life He told me “No”. At that moment I was shocked and scared. I cried and I prayed for His help. AT that moment I chose to change my life. Now it wasn’t instantly easy after that moment. But God did grant me the gift of Joy. I went on to go to college and joined the Air Force. I’ve had some crazy life experiences And a long journey to get to know Gods word. I’m far from perfect but I’m closer that I use to be. Now I love Jesus first and foremost then God gave this lonely barren woman a wonderful husband and then my five adorable children even though I have never been able to be pregnant. I believe life is a journey. Sometimes there are storms where you cant even see the sun, and to get through these storms you need a compass to stay on the right track, that compass is called the Bible. The more we learn the scripture the easier it is to protect ourselves from the storm this world can bring. I wanted to empower women to pursue our true North and give them the spiritual tools to get through the journey.


 I knew I wanted to be saved early on in life, but I didn’t really understand what it meant to be saved, to have a real relationship with Jesus. I knew His words, I memorized verses and went to church. I prayed a little but I didn’t think what I had to say was important, that my problems in comparison to the world’s problems were anything God would even want to hear about. I struggled greatly with anxiety and depression and once I was fully into the throws of post-partum depression and suicidal and I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t take it away, I determined it was time to seek God with my everything. My life literally depended on it.

I was led to a church in the country about 30 minutes from my home and I just felt the tangible presence of God and my soul rested there. I knew God was there and I was ready to hear from Him. I walked through a season of searching and learning about God in a whole new way. I actually learned WHO I was in Christ. Well, part of it anyway I am still trying to learn more. It’s such a process. But once I started to have an understanding of who I am and the power of the name of Jesus that was bought with His blood, I started to fight. I understood the part of working out my faith in a whole new way – that I had a role in this fight.  I broke the stronghold of depression with the Word of God and the name of Jesus. I’ve had some rough seasons since then but I was never overthrown into the depths of it like what I knew up to the post partum.

So I want to reach out to all of you, my fellow beautiful women, and help you learn who you are in Christ and walk with you as we pursue True North. It’s been the most beautiful experience walking with Christ like I have in the last 10 years. Some of the things I have been through have been amazingly hard and I’ve screwed up quite a few times but my God has more than proved Himself faithful and merciful and amazing and I want to extend my encouragement to you that you can have victory over your circumstances and life when you walk with Jesus.

 Please join us and let us know how we can address anything you are going through and try to answer everything the best we can. We promise to be as transparent as possible and sometimes we will let you know we just don’t know everything because that would be impossible. When that happens we will encourage you with what we do know and pray for you.

We are so excited you are joining us on this amazing journey of life. Many blessings, friends!