Beware of false Christians.

False Christians may seem a bit harsh. It may be harder hitting and not as grace-giving as people seem to do. 

Yet there it is, I’ve written it. I’m not taking it back. Now, what possibly could I have meant about false Christians?

There are many people out there that claim to be Christians. But unfortunately, they are, in fact, false Christians. 

No Christian is perfect; it’s true. Only Christ himself was perfect. Yet we are supposed to strive to be perfect. Try to be more Christ-like. 

Being Christ-like does not mean shaming people publicly or bullying someone into submission. It does not mean we make everything a sword to fall on. 

Do Christians care about current affairs? Of course, but is that what we want to be known for? Certainly not. We want to point people to Christ. 

Does it mean that a Christian condones the sinful nature of the world around them? Absolutely not! But attacking the sin before you win the heart for Christ is rather pointless and just does more damage. 

Being a Christian means being in God’s word and reading the Bible daily. Without being all legalistic and torturing yourself if you miss a day. 

Reading your Bible and praying with God every day will help you to discern if what you’re hearing is from Him or if it is from the world. Loads of nice phrases work their way into our society and our minds. But, if we do not stop and take hold of these sayings, a false teaching can creep in. 

Test everything you hear and say against the Bible, not against any motivational speaker. 

I am a huge fan of motivational speakers and conferences that hype you up to get something done. It’s a great way to find motivation if you’ve hit a slump. But you can’t indoctrinate everything someone says into your life mission statement if it doesn’t line up with the word of God. 

One of these slippery slope statements is, ” You gotta take care of yourself first.” On the surface, that seems like a good thing to do. Self-care is important. If you don’t take care of yourself as God has created you, lousy health can keep you from accomplishing your life’s mission. But you are not supposed to take care of yourself first, despite, or instead of. 

The Bible says; Love your neighbor as yourself. You are to love both. You are to take care of both and Give grace to both. Sometimes helping yourself is helping someone else. 

Have you ever had a bad day, and then you helped a neighbor return the cart at the grocery store and felt better just because of the smile you got? Helping our neighbor helps us. In Christianity, we more or less put the oxygen mask on ourselves as we also put it on our neighbor. We help each other. 

Putting someone before ourselves doesn’t mean not taking care of ourselves. 

At the same time, we love ourselves; we are to love others. Like one hand washes the other type of thing. Pretend you are one hand and your neighbor is your other. By washing you, you are washing your neighbor. It goes hand in hand. Yes, I did that metaphor on purpose. 

You will never be 100% perfect, just as I will not be. Jesus is the only perfect person. He was our unblemished Lamb sacrificed to forgive each of our sins. 

Knowing that He took it all so we can freely be forgiven is the motivator to try to be made perfect. To live better lives than we did yesterday than we did five years ago. 

So though we arent’ perfect, we don’t just stay in sin; we live in the word of God, applying each day what it says to be a better version of ourselves. As we do that, we need to love those around us. 

We want to be known for our love. Not our hate. You will not win anyone for God by spitting hate on the internet or preaching girl power at the expense of boy power, or any of this nonsense isn’t being a good Christian. 

Anyone spitting hate and disdain isn’t being a Christian; they are being worldly. Just because they claim to be a Christian does not mean they are not being a false Christian. Don’t try to base your faith on this false teaching. Trying to draw a line in the sand that isn’t about a biblical truth isn’t correct. Anyone trying to make you stumble in your Christian walk is being a false Christian. 

Beware of all the false Christians out there making you believe that checking your horoscope is “just for fun” or going down the path of “if it feels good it can’t be bad.”

Hear my heart, brothers and sisters, do not be led astray by people who do not have your best interests. Stay strong in the word of God and only follow that. Be careful not to follow the teachings of other people or movies, or social media. Don’t let your eyes wander to the left or to the right. 

I pray that the Lord God grants you a discerning heart, eyes, and mind to see through the enemy’s trickery and stay on the righteous path of Jesus Christ. The only one who saves. Amen.

Jenny Cioto with Pursuing true North