Don’t Give Up!

Be of good courage | Be of good cheer |Don’t give up |Keep going |You can do this!

What doesn’t kill you……sometimes makes you want to make bad choices, but please don’t. Sometimes you will because you are human.

Try to do better. Don’t give up.

Breathe. Pray. Breathe some more. Pray a whole lot more. Don’t give up.

Focus on what is good. Focus on what is pure. Focus on what you are thankful for.

Thank God for what He’s done for you.

Thank God for what He’s doing that you can’t see. Thank God for who He is. Don’t give up.

Renew your mind by handing it over to the One who can. Cleanse your heart in the light of the Light. Don’t give up.

Cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you. Don’t give up.

Don’t lose hope. Allow hope to be renewed as you ask the Holy Spirit to dwell more richly in you. Don’t give up.

Do have faith in the good outcome you can’t see yet. Praise God for this unseen outcome. Don’t give up.

Be brave. Put on your armor. Take courage. Don’t give up.

Take heart. Fight the good fight. You will reap in due season if you don’t give up.

Press on. Persevere. Do the hard things. Do the undeserved kind things. Don’t give up.

Love lavishly. Love because you’ve been loved. Love when you haven’t been loved.

Love when it isn’t deserved. Love when it is deserved. Love always. Don’t give up.   

It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay even when it isn’t currently ok. Don’t give up.

Look for your worth in the One who created you. Don’t give up.

You were created for more. Earthly life is temporary and eternal life is forever.

Life is only a vapor; this existence is short. Don’t give up.

Your heart won’t be settled or at true peace until you leave it in the hands of the Prince of Peace.

Get salvation through faith – the gift of Jesus Christ’s blood atonement sacrifice. This is the anchor for the soul.  Don’t give up.

Things that are ok to give up: prayers to heaven, the specific outcome you want control of, your life for Christ’s sake.

Also, ok to give up: self-harming behaviors, behaviors that harm others, behaviors and mindsets that hurt God’s heart.

Fight to get unstuck. Don’t live in what’s been done to you.

Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Sit with the hurt and forgive. Forgive again. Forgive some more.

Keep on forgiving. Forgive yourself. Don’t give up.

Take your thoughts captive – or they will take you captive.

Everything in life is a season. The hard you are going through has an end date. Don’t give up.

Remember when God came through. Think on all the things you’ve been rescued from.

Think of all the possibilities of the things that you’ve been protected from. Don’t give up.

When you want to give in or want to give up – choose hope. Don’t give up.

Ask God to give you wisdom, and believe Him for it. Thank Him in advance for His help. Don’t give up.

Encourage others. Do for others. God first, others second. Take care of yourself, too.

We see dimly now but will see clearly soon. Don’t ever give up.


*all inspired by multiple verses in the Bible – use key words for even better writing*