It’s freezing now – in Tennessee. Fall weather is but a nice idea for a few days each October, but now it’s November and we are all done with that. Like, all done – get out the boots and wear your floor length black with hot pink princess crown robe you received as a Christmas gift one year and it’s the most comfy thing you own now – done. Well, just at the house anyway.

I know this season is one of extreme hustling – for everyone. For me, this season brings my wedding anniversary, husband’s birthday, both daughter’s birthdays, annual IEP (special needs lingo but a big deal with school planning), Thanksgiving, Christmas and lots of other family birthdays to try to not forget! I love Christmas time, but all the things you have to do – or you feel like you have to do – can bring about the crazies in us all and sure zap the peace.

I’m doing things a little differently this year so I don’t get snowed under. I am trimming the fat so to speak. Less is more this year. Thoughtful little things and things that matter. My girls will have to adjust expectations this year on amount of gifts, as quantity over quality won’t be an issue this time around. I don’t hold others to crazy expectations so I am not holding myself to those, either. 

 I will say I am going to bust out the Christmas decor ON Thanksgiving Day this year. I’m not doing the traditional meal – we have lots of family gatherings the week leading up to it and none of us care. We will most likely let our youngest chef make her monthly cooking kit meal and enjoy that!

 I’m working on the fat to trim around Christmas. If you have any ideas on how to make this a more peaceful season – let us know! We would love your thoughts and advice!

 Enjoy the Season!

Catherine King