Show Notes for Confident Self Talk

How confident are you? What are the things you tell yourself about you? Do you know what you think about yourself plays a vital role in everything you do? Catherine and Jenny discuss what confidence looks like, feels like and how we can work on our mindset to put ourselves in the sweet spot. Spelling out what we think about confidence and how it affects every aspect of life [0:30] Walking into a room you notice the level of confidence a person has [1:07] Jenny’s child gives insight into their negative self talk [2:00] Negative lies become personal truths [2:40] Origin of lies [3:17] Negative input is much louder in our minds than positive inputs [4:00] Recognizing what is happening in your mind is where we start – we miss this a lot before it gets bad [4:30] Grace we give to others needs to be given to ourselves [6:36] Step back and recognize what we are saying to ourselves [7:09] Speaking negatively comes easily when speaking to self and less easily when it comes to others [5:42] Grace we give others should be given to ourselves [6:36] Do some introspecting – what are we saying to ourselves [7:09] After recognizing lies we need to find replacements [7:25] Written affirmations placed in our view is a great tool [8:33] Verses we mention – 2 Timothy 1:7, Jeremiah 29:11 [8:55] Negative self talk hurts God’s heart just like when moms hear their children’s negative self talk [9:51] This is an ongoing, daily struggle for everyone [10:45] High expectations of ourselves can affect our confidence [11:30] Psychology magazine comments on this [12:30] Make attainable goals and realistic expectations of ourselves [14:07] Catherine’s expectations with children – example of this struggle and start of changing it [15:24] When we don’t meet our goals we are met with guilt – mom guilt on this example [16:07] Jenny speaks to giving tangible goals to this struggle [17:14] Jenny’s managing her family’s needs [18:45] Catherine’s findings of ways to combat her struggle [20:57] Goal ideas that are small but attainable – great place to start [22:37] Funny stories about kids not having shoes on in public [23:01] Building yourself up at the end of the day [24:08] Advice on speaking positive words of affirmation to self and children [25:01] Pinpoint where we feel bad and see if there are stressful expectations [27:15] You are valuable to God and His love for you is intense and great [28:00] Follow us on this journey of building your self confidence [29:00] Join us this year for encouragement on ways to build your self confidence in all areas so you can not only feel better mentally, but live life better and in ways that are true! Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our podcasts on Spotify and iTunes! Don’t forget to share!