A Letter to My Younger Self

A Letter To My Younger Self

This week we recorded a podcast that is coming out all about healthy confidence in self-Image. It was a fabulous talk, and in preparing for the podcast, I started thinking about you, younger self.

I want to say so many things, and part of that is the wisdom that comes with age. Part are things I wish I had realized more than twenty years ago now.

Breathe, always remember to take a breath. For every mean word spoken to you, please do not take it as truth. Look at the person saying these things and ask yourself what they are going through that made them that mean. It can help you have the perspective of whether there is any truth in the words that are spoken.

When it comes to yourself, go easy, you do not need to criticize every conversation you have with another human in your head. Overthinking if you have said the right thing, only makes you second guess yourself when you do have something important to say. You will stay awkward for a while, but it is ok. Everyone says things they wish they hadn’t. If you hurt someone’s feelings, apologize. If what you said was just embarrassing, press on. Don’t lose your voice because of fear.

Younger me; read the Bible more. The more you read it, the more comfort you will find in it. You will eventually find a verse that says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 39:13). When you meditate on that, you finally understand that God does love you. He made every inch of you and didn’t think your nose is too big, or your legs are too fat. The God of the universe made you on purpose for a purpose. Stop wasting time wishing you are someone else and find the precious gifts God gave you and develop them.

Younger self, look around, you may be hurting right now, you may feel like you are all alone in a room full of people. There are people around you feeling the same way. The sooner you break through your own mind, you can show people the way out too. Do not spend so much time dwelling on the grief you endured that you miss the blessings of helping others.

Stop trying to get to the next level; the next best thing, enjoy being young. Look around and stop trying to get through life in such a hurry. Life is too short. People you love will not be here forever. Stop and have long conversations on the front porches. Rushing forward only makes you look back. Enjoy every moment that you can and learn from the moments you can not enjoy.

You will live through more than most and less than some, and it will all mold you into the strong woman God wants you to be. You cannot fast forward; you have to walk through that fire. It will all be ok. Know that God has your hand in all of it and remember that in the dark corners of the earth that you will go through. Stay strong young self, the sooner you find that still small voice, the sooner peace will come.

It is all beautiful, and ugly, and great, be present through it all. Life is precious and purposeful.


Jenny Cioto

Co-Founder, Pursuing true North